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The Wedding Pen is a product of the
“Goldstadt Pforzheim” — 100% made in Germany

“Made in Germany” is known worldwide as a synonym for the highest standard in quality and workmanship. With precisely this claim and decades of tradition, our company has been manufacturing writing instruments.

The “Golden City” Of Goldstadt Pforzheim

The Wedding Pen is made by a traditional manufacturer in the “Golden City” of Goldstadt Pforzheim. For nearly 100 years, this family-run company has been manufacturing sophisticated writing instruments of outstanding quality.

Pforzheim – the Golden Gate to the Black Forest

As the heart of German jewelry production, Pforzheim rightly bears the title “Golden City.” No other German city is so closely connected to the history of the jewelry and watch industry as the “Golden City” of Goldstadt Pforzheim. Regardless of economic structural change, to this day, Pforzheim has been the centre of the German jewelry and watch industry and enjoys an international reputation as “The Jewelry Capital.”

We are very proud of the centuries-old tradition of our city in the production of jewelry, watches, and writing instruments.

There is no better place to produce a special pen such as the Wedding Pen. As a symbol of authenticity and quality, each Wedding Pen features a genuine diamond. This is the guarantee that you are really holding an original: just as genuine as your love for each other.

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