In the list of frequently asked questions, you can find out everything about the Wedding Pen.

What is a Wedding Pen?

The Wedding Pen was invented and designed to be used for the most important signature of your life, the signing of the marriage certificate at the registry office. Everything else you can read on our STORY page. 


Where does the name Lila Krone originate?

Lila Krone (Purple Crown) is the name of the company considered to have invented the Wedding Pen. This brand guarantees that you are holding a Wedding Pen of known quality. You can learn more about the Lila Krone on the ABOUT US page.


How many models of Wedding Pens are there?

The Wedding Pen is available in two different variations. In the “Gold Edition,” the primary colors are yellow gold and pearl white.

In the “Platinum Edition,” the Wedding Pen shines in the silver color of platinum.


What gems do you use?

The stones in the crown and the clip are real crystals from the Swarovski collection. As a symbol of authenticity, each Wedding Pen also features a real diamond of 0.01 carats, set at the end of the cap clip.


Is there a guarantee of quality?

We are absolutely convinced of the quality of our Wedding Pens, and for this purpose, we grant a warranty period of 10 years. Should there be any reason for a complaint regarding its quality beyond that timeframe, we will gladly deal with it. The Wedding Pen should bring joy for a lifetime and remind you of the most beautiful day of your life.


Is there a right of return for the Wedding Pen?

Since every Wedding Pen is specially commissioned, we keep no stock. Your Wedding Pen with its deep engraving is customized and especially made for you. It can therefore not be resold. Since it is so unique, we cannot grant a right of return.


What is the delivery time for the Wedding Pen?

Because your Wedding Pen is made specifically for you and requires an in-house quality control prior to delivery, we usually need 14 business days from order to shipping.


Can I also buy the Wedding Pen as is?

Of course! You can even give the Wedding Pen to yourself. We are happy to engrave it with your name or a personal inscription. The engraved plaque in the magic box can also be customized according to your wishes. Many of our customers use the Wedding Pen as is or buy it as a gift for the wedding day. Just contact us, and we will be happy to help you.


How can I make sure that no duplicate of the Wedding Pen is sold?

Each Wedding Pen has its own serial number. It is engraved on the back of the crown. This serial number is assigned to the wedding couple and the wedding date. We therefore preclude double delivery. Should an order be placed twice, the customer will be informed immediately after receipt of the order. Finally, the couple can sign with only one Wedding Pen.


Where is the Wedding Pen manufactured?

The Wedding Pen is a quality product made in the “Golden City” of Goldstadt Pforzheim. It is manufactured by a traditional family business which specializes in the production of high-quality writing utensils for global brands. That is why the Wedding Pen carries the predicate – 100% made in Germany.


Am I actually allowed to use the Wedding Pen for signature at the registry office?

For the Wedding Pen, we use indelible black ink. It is produced by a renowned German quality manufacturer and meets the standard DIN ISO 12757-2 DOC. Therefore, there is no reason why you could not use the Wedding Pen for signing at the registry office. So far, we have not had any problems, not with registry offices or churches. It is certainly advisable to point out during preliminary talks with the Registrar that you intend to use a private writing utensil. Should any questions arise, please contact us directly.


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