Save moments forever

Your dream will come true

Although life consists of many wonderful moments, the wedding is rightly considered the most beautiful day in life. It’s every little girl’s dream. All in white, like out of a fairy tale – be a princess for a day. The Wedding Pen makes this day unforgettable for you and preserves the memory of it forever. Click here to see our film about the most beautiful moments in life.

Wedding Pen die ideale Geschenkidee!

Every great love story begins with a moment

Wedding Pen die ideale Geschenkidee!


Eternal love

Your wedding should be a very special day and your love should last forever. Many things in life are short-lived, but what stays with you forever are the memories. This one moment is the beginning of a new chapter in your life together. The Wedding Pen will keep this moment for you forever.

Two hearts become one

Most important signature of your life

What do you think is the most important signature of your life? That’s right, it’s the signature with which you seal the bond for life. With this you testify that from now on you no longer live for yourself, but for each other. Two hearts merge into one.

This document is not just a piece of paper, it is the cornerstone of a new family – your family. The beginning of your life together – “till death do us part”. This special signature requires a special writing instrument – ​​the Wedding Pen.

You and only you, for now and forever

Wedding Pen die ideale Geschenkidee! Platinum Edition


The Wedding Pen

The Wedding Pen is not just a pen. The idea and the story behind it form the cornerstone of a new tradition. Even after the wedding, there will be other important moments on your life together. Buying your own home, the birth of your child or the new employment contract. For all important signatures, you will always pull out your wedding pen and sign with it. Yes, one day you will pass it on to the next generation. And the memory will last forever.

And they lived happily ever after.

But your story begins now...

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